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Rusty Clothing, Arnette Eyewear, Sanuk Footwear, Tools Accessories, Aido Wheeler Surfboards, Beach Without Sand Surfshop, Elite Surfing, Balanced Studio, Smoothstar. I’m really happy with the sponsors I have, it’s always helpful having a big support crew that surrounds you and helps you out when you’re doing something you love.

Favourite things

I love surfing LA, it’s a wave that I’ve grown up with and it’s so cool to have a fun barrelling wave at home. Sushi and the ‘Wedge Burger’ (bacon and egg roll, avacado, hashbrown, BBQ sauce) the best. I love coming into Beach Without Sand every couple of days, talking to the crew there is always sick, and working there is good as well. Wato and Kong are super cool people and really helpful.


My music at the moment is old and new stuff, like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kendrick Lamar, Jurassic 5, Daft Punk, that kind of stuff.

Favourite surfers

Would have to be Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, John John Florence. These guys are taking stuff to new levels and it’s sick to see. There’s heaps more guys that I love to watch surf and admire though.

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